MDCAT 2022 (Roll No. Slips)

MDCAT Student Portal and Inter provincial Exam

Applicants who are facing delay in receiving their Licensing / Registration Applications can now register a Complaint here: 

Change of MDCAT 2022 Centre

Extension in Registration for NLE-1

MDCAT 2022 registration is live till 10 October 2022 

Registration for NLE Step 1 Dental (only for foreign graduates) is open till 15th October 2022

Registration for NLE Step 1 Medical (only for foreign graduates) is open till 15th October 2022

For all Medical / Dental Institutions and Students, PMC has successfully attained Eligibility for Recognition by WFME 

Council Decision on Licensing Pathways for Foreign Medical and Dental Graduates 2022

Caution Against Misuse of PMC & Logo

List of Un-Affiliated Teaching Hospitals For House Job Induction 2022

House Job Induction 2022


MDCAT 2022 Results are now available

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NLE Step 1 Medical/Dental (June 2022) Result is now available

Dental NLE CSE-2 Candidate Guide


NEB Final Results are now available

NEB Medical 2021 Syllabus

Clarification For Dental NEB 2021 and NEB Dental 2021 Syllabus