Refund Claims for NEB Step-I Exam Fee

All those applicants who deposited the NEB Step-I Exam Fee Rs. 15,750/- in PM&DC Account during August-September 2020 but could not submit the form are hereby advised to lodge their fee refund claim by submitting the fee return form online
  1. Please fill out complete particulars i.e. Name, Father Name, CNIC No., Mailing Address and Contact No. and make sure to upload the paid fee challan with your claim (if available)
  2. Please submit data form only once, avoid multiple submissions.
  3. The refund claim is only meant for the candidates who deposited NEB Step-1 Exam fee during Aug-Sept 2020 but could not submit their forms. No other fee claim is entertained through this form therefore please do not enter data for any other services. Fee deposited for other services which have been discontinued in PMC will be separately processed for refund.
  4. please only attach specific paid fee challan for NEB Step-I Exam deposited in PM&DC account. No other draft or challan should be attached.

Refund of fee deposited by Applicants for NEB Exam

Applicant Name :

Father Name :


Email :

Contact No :

Address :

Paid Challan Form :