NEB 2021 Registration Open Now 

NLE STEP 1 Medical Registration Open Now 

NLE STEP 1 Dental Registration Open Now

NLE STEP 2 Medical (Only for Foreign Graduates) Registration Open Now 

PMC Conduct of Examination Regulations 2021 

PMC Medical and Dental Undergraduate Education (Admissions, Curriculum and Conduct) Regulations 2021 (Amended)

Register for Inspection of Postgraduate Teaching Hospitals 

PMC NLE Syllabus (For Medical Graduates) 2021 


MDCAT Final Results are now available

MDCAT Student Profile Data Correction Form is now available

MDCAT 2020 Equivalency Calculator

MDCAT Exam Review Application

MDCAT 2021 Percentile


NLE STEP 1 (MEDICAL) Registration is open now

NLE STEP 1 (DENTAL) Registration is open now

NLE STEP 2 (MEDICAL) Registration is open now (Only for Foreign Graduates)


NEB 2021 Registration is open now


Register for Inspection of Teaching Hospitals

MDCAT-NLE International Test Center

MDCAT-NLE International Test Center Addresses are now Available

NLE Syllabus

PMC Syllabus For NLE (For Medical Graduates) 2021

Colleges Grading Sheet

Colleges Grading Sheet by Pakistan Medical Commission

Private College Admissions

Admissions for Private Medical and Dental Colleges in Pakistan are open from 1st July, 2021. Apply now by visiting their respective website.

Important Dates

Examination Date for MDCAT

MDCAT Exam will be carried out locally and internationally at designated PMC centres from:

30th August to 30th September, 2021

Public Notices & Announcements


Warning issued on the release of forged MDCAT 2021 results.

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Merit Calculation for 2021-22 Medical and Dental College Admissions

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Pakistan Medical Commission announces the final result of the MDCAT 2021 after the conclusion of the post-exam analysis

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